Awards & Honors

  • Mahbub Alam (Supervisor P. Voss)

Incubic/ Milton Chang Travel Grant, FIO, Rochester, 2016

  • Saiful Alam (Supervisor A. Ougazzaden)

Best poster award, E-MRS, 2016

  • Chris Bishop (Supervisor A. Ougazzaden)

Second place, MC6 Competition, 2015

  • Mohammed Cherkaoui

Most cited paper in JMPS

  • Nico Declercq

Elected President (General Chair) of the International Congress on Ultrasonics, Metz, 2015

  • Aaron Dunn (Supervisor L. Capolungo)

Second place, MC6 Competition, 2013

  • Xin Li (Supervisor A. Ougazzaden)

E-MRS Young Scientist Award, 2014

Best Paper in Photoptics, 2015

  • Peter McKeon (Supervisor N. Declercq)

Best Student Paper Award in Engineering Acoustics at the International

Congress on Acoustics, Montreal, 2013

  • Charles Munson (Supervisor A. Ougazzaden)

First Place, MC6 Competition, 2016

  • Abdallah Ougazzaden

First International StelLab PSA Award, 2015

Medal of the city of Metz, 2014

International Dennis Gabor Award, 2013

  • Ougazzaden team: Cover of nanotechnology journal, paper on solar cells