The UMI Partners

The GT-CNRS UMI (UMI: Unité Mixte Internationale) is a joint laboratory created with two founding partners:

This lab, called the GT-CNRS UMI, was the first UMI located in France.

The laboratory is based primarily in Metz, France at the Georgia Tech Lorraine campus. Laboratory space has also been established at the Atlanta campus and at partner locations. In addition to the two founding partners GT and CNRS, the UMI is proud of its inclusion of four additional academic partners:


  •     ENSAM -- a top French mechanical Engineering school


At partner locations, collaborative research takes place in CNRS laboratories co-sponsored by these academic institutions:

  •   LMOPS (Laboratory for the Optical Properties of Materials) at SUPELEC,
  •   LEM3 (Laboratory of Microstructures and Mechanics of Materials) at the University of Lorraine, and
  •   FEMTO-ST  (Laboratory for MEMS, Photonics, Metrology and Mechanics) at the University of Franche-Comté.