Lab Vision

The UMI is focused on three main objectives:

1) to conduct cutting-edge collaborative international research,

2) to facilitate the exchange of researchers and students between Georgia Tech and France,

3) to create a hub for French and Georgia Tech researchers to build research  programs funded by French, U.S., European and international agencies.


Three Primary Research Areas

Involved in many European and national programs as well as in several high-level consortia, the UMI 2958 develops its activities in three main areas of research with high-tech industrial applications in the aeronautic, automotive, biomedical, and energy sectors.


1. Non-linear Optics and Dynamics

This topic focuses on optical communication based on the dynamics of chaos in optoelectronic components, quantum cryptography and ultra-fast optical communication. These advanced research fields find their application particularly in information security. Pursuing these activities relies on the building of experimental setups to validate the theoretical works previously carried out at the UMI.

2. Smart Materials

This topic seeks to develop new materials and nano-heterostructures for photonics and electronics, multifunctional materials, and to characterize materials by ultrasound and terahertz imaging. Targeted applications are in sensors, detectors, solar cells, and sources of lights sectors. This research area is strategic for the UMI and is supported by funding bodies in Europe and the USA.

3. Computer Science

This topic covers two fields: Robotics and Information Systems. Robotics focuses on the development of mobile robotic systems to monitor environment over long periods of time. On the other hand, research on Information Systems deals with evolving wired and wireless communication networks away from the traditional centralized and static network architectures in order to meet demand.