ASDL Research


As a member of the UMI 2958, ASDL Europe is focused on research in the areas of complex systems design and integration, and system of systems exploration and assessment. This is a multidisciplinary initiative designed to complement ongoing research at GTL and address other systems engineering studies in Europe. Our areas of interest and development include:

  • Requirement Setting and Design Space Exploration
  • Technology Modeling and Evaluation
  • Probabilistic Analysis and Uncertainty Reduction
  • System Decomposition
  • Enumeration and Analysis of Alternatives
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Strategic Portfolio Prioritization

Through the UMI 2958 partnership ASDL Europe is strategically located in Metz, France. It also has access to advanced computing resources for complex systems analysis and design space exploration including:

  • Computing cluster with 300 processing cores
  • 8 TB of storage
  • 3 GPUs
  • Secure connections via LAN cables and Ethernet network switches for reliability
  • Dedicated IT support staff